March 10 , 2014

NiagaraAX v3.7  Niagara 3.8 and up

NOTE Please consult the latest most up to date solution from the link below:

Niagara AX browser interface login error  And  unlimited strength policy updater

The Updater will do all of the steps in this document for you

You will need to find out what version of java you are running first to select the proper version of the updater.


Any users accessing a NiagaraAX v3.7 and up station with a web browser will need to follow this Product Update


Due to the security enhancements provided in NiagaraAX v3.8, Niagara now relies on Java Cryptography

standards for its browser interface. When connecting to a NiagaraAX v3.8 station in a browser for the first time,
a pop-up window shown in Figure1 below will warn you that the required Java Cryptography

Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Policy File is not installed.

The wbApplet will not load unless this is resolved.

A button titled “Redirect To Download Page” will take you directly to the download page.

Note: The instructions on the warning should be observed to prevent re-downloading the latest Java


The JCE Unlimited Strength Policy Files are not included in typical Java releases and need to

be installed separately.


When redirected to

users need to scroll to the bottom of the page to the Additional Resources

table shown below in Figure 2 to find the download for the JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 7

underlined in RED

Click on the “Download”button circled in RED.

Direct link to the file here:

The license agreement shown below in Figure 3 must be accepted to enable the download link.

Click on the radial button titled “Accept License Agreement” and then click on the link titled

“” circled in RED to download the file to your desktop

Unzip the “” file and then copy the local_policy.jar and us_export_policy.jar

files shown in Figure 4 below.

Paste the files in the Security folder located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\lib\security

circled in RED in Figure 5

Note: The path can vary depending on where Java is installed. If you are unsure of the location of this
folder, open the Java Control Panel from the Windows Control Panel, click on the
Java tab, and the View button. The location of this folder is displayed in the
Path column.

A “Copy File” pop- up warning window will appear shown in

Figure 6 below.

Choose to Copy and Replace both files, and restart your browser.

The installation of the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Policy File is complete.

Alternatively, we have made available a file install updater that can automatically update the files for you.
You can download the file below.


If you need to test you PC to find out what version of JAVA you have .
Please use this link:

NOTE: DO NOT uninstall version 7.x as it is required , even if you have a more recent version like 8.x


Please download the Tech_Tip Browser PDF document at the bottom for detailed instructions