Tech Tip: Web Workbench (WbApplet) fails to load with Java 7 Update 21
Date:  Apr 29, 2013
Product:  NiagaraAX
Revision:  AX 3.7.46 and later

After updating to Java 7 Update 21, WbApplet will only load successfully once. Additional attempts to open
WbApplet will fail. Clearing the applet cache will again allow WbApplet to load once. This problem has only
been encountered using Java 7 Update 21.

A workaround for this problem is to not keep temporary internet files on the local computer. Follow the steps
described below.

1. Open the Java Control Panel to change this setting.
• In Windows, click Start > Control Panel > Java > General Tab > Temporary Internet Files > Settings
• Uncheck the box that says "Keep temporary files on my computer".
• Apply the new setting.
• Close the Java Control Panel.

2. Clear the browser's cache. Clear the temporary internet files, cookies and history.
NOTE: Each browser is cleared differently. Use the browser's help for information on clearing its cache.

3. Delete all the files in the 'wbapplet' cache.
NOTE: In Windows, clicking Start > Run... and entering %userProfile% will open the local Windows
user directory.
  <Windows user dir>\niagara\wbapplet\modules

4. Delete everything in the 'Secondary Applet' cache.
• Windows 7: <Windows user dir>\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache
• Windows XP: <Windows user dir>\Application data\sun\java\deployment\cache
NOTE: You can also delete this cache from within the Jave Control Panel accessed via the Windows
Control Panel.
• On the General tab, click on Settings, then Delete Files. Check everything and press OK.

5. Restart the browser (this also clears the session cookies).

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