Why run Niagara AX graphics in a browser instead of the Java Web Start ?


  • You have an old controller with not enough memory to let you upgrade the AX to 3.8.
  • You don't care about java and browser security because you only use your old Firefox with your Niagara AX platform.
  • You are fed up op paying useless upgrades to Tridium because of THEIR BUGS and don't want to pay of have no time to sue them :-)
  • Java web start is not a miracle and it has his problems too.
  • The upcoming Niagara Web Launcher will most probably be just an other unreliable patch like Java Web Start was...
  • You will move to a different platform and don't want to invest too much in the mean time...  

What ever the reason .... here is what you will need to make this work.

  1. Firefox52ESR 32bit version  (YOU NEED THE 32 BIT ESR VERSION,   64bit ESR and all other non ESR will not work 
  2. JAVA version 8.201 or older  ( our tested prototype was made with 8.201 use anything else at your own risk) 
  3. Java unlimited strength updater  ( matching the version of JAVA installed and running on your computer)   

You can source the file on the web yourself
or use the included zip file kit that includes all the required files in the link below 


Step review 

  • Install Java
  • Install Java Unlimited Strength Policy
  • Setup Java
  • Install Firefox
  • Setup Firefox
  • Test and configure java plugin the first time


Install Java on your computer


Install the Java Unlimited Strength Policy Updater (JUSPU)

Instructions here: Java Unlimited strength policy update instructions


Install Firefox52ESR 32 bit ( even if the computer has a 64 bit OS)

We suggest you install this version in a separate folder called Mozilla Firefox52ESR 


Once Firefox is installed,
Open Firefox
Click on the "Open Menu" icon and select "Options"

Select Advanced and Update 
Disable the auto update to prevent Firefox from updating itself automatically as only this version will work.

Select Never check for updates 


You might have to do this before using the install.

Configure the JAVA 

In windows 10, open the Control panel 

( right click on the windows Menu, and select run)

type "Control"


Double click on the Java icon to open the Java Control Panel 

Click on Settings...


Select "Keep Temporary files on my computer"  and OK 



In the Update tab, uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically" 


In Java tab, click View, and check that the Java actually running is 1.8.0_201 of the latest you selected 


In the security tab, Enable Java content for browser and web Stat applications

Enter Site List and add your site to the list of exceptions (http://mysite.com:82 )

IF you get a WARNING, click OK to accept it.


In the advanced section  set all the feature like in the images below 

Start the Firefox browser for the fist time

Open Firefox 52ESR 

Enter your in the browser  ex: like  or a name is you use a domain or a DDNS   http://mysite.com:82 
Enter your user name and password 

When you see the Java plugin warning, click on Activate Java

In the java activation screen click on Show All 

Select Allow and Remember for every plugins
Then Click on OK

Select  Do not show this again... and click on Run

You mist see a different screen like the one below, do the same thing
Accept the Warning and click on Run

If the browser ask you if you would like to enable JAVA , click YES and remember

The fist time you are using the browser to login , it will need to download some files from the JACE controller and this can take a long time

Subsequent login will be faster as the file will already be in your computer.



If you have Niagara AX 3.6 and up, you might have to upgrade some of the modules files in order to use this solution

Please consult the following article about this issue :  

NiagaraAX Patch for Oracle's Java 7, Update 65