When does this errors happens 

If you have an Edge534 controller, the Bacnet network is pre installed in the Nav under drivers

If you delete the network and later add a new Bacnet network in the driver section , directly from the AX palette, 

this error and possibly Lon errors will show in the application Director.

(Even if you did not install any lon drivers) 

Possible Errors 

javax.baja.naming.UnresolvedException: file:!bcp/installFiles/Bcp/system

niagara>javax.baja.naming.UnresolvedException: file:^Bcp/system/lonworks/templates

How to resolve the errors

  1. Stop the station 
  2. Copy the station into the Probuilder 
  3. Make a backup copy for safety in a safe place
  4. In the Probuilder Nav tree of the host PC, Open the config.bog file of the station

Under the Services , delete the WizardService

5. Right Click on the config.bog file and select Save

6. Copy the station back into the Edge534

7. Start the Station

Extra step that will not solve any error, but will save memory 

You can also remove some module files that will not be used anymore as the Wizard is not in the station anymore.

Files are :

  • bsc
  • bscv3 
  • Lonworks
  • KitLon
  • PlatLon