Determining the COM Port of a USB to Serial Adapter assigned in windows can be a waste of time,

When you hook up a USB to serial (232 or 485 or any other device) on your computer, chances are you will need to find out what COM port it's configured to before you can start using it.

Normally , you will need to go into the control panel and device manager.

Open Device Manager:
Click: Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager 

Then In the Device Manager, look in the ports, to find what COM port Windows assigned to the device . 

What is Com Port lookup

Com port Lookup is a small portable application that will do this task directly in one single step.

Used mainly to find what Com port your RS485 to USB interface was set to by Windows 

You can also use the software to check and change IP settings from the integrated shortcut.  


The latest version also enable you to find and change IP setting on your computer with a direct shortcut 

Note about Windows Protection and Anti-Virus

In this new generation of bloatware and free apps with virus, some anti-virus and over protective Windows Defender 
might get a warning screen about running this app on your PC.

Since we did not write this app to make money, but to save time in our work, we are not a registered Microsoft publisher. 

Evidently, Microsoft don't know about us and this application in Defender .

As this application is very useful to us, we decided to share it with the community. 
If you want to start the application, you will need to bypass the warning . 


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