Although the included solution will help you manually solve your error, you can now use our java unlimited strength updater application to do all this in a few single mouse click


If you are experiencing problems after a JAVA update when login in to a JENE (JACE).





a) You might not have noticed the update message

b) Your IT department might have done it, sometime remotely without you seeing it.

c) There is a new version of JAVA and you have not installed it yet.

To check what version of JAVA is running in your PC

You can use the link below to test your PC


What to do if you don't have the latest JAVA version


Most probably, you can still run the same JAVA version you already have

A) You can use the current JAVA and follow steps 1  to  5  to "re activate" the plugins

B) Install the latest version from the JAVA website.

If you select option B , you need to install a new version and reconfigure the "unlimited strength policy"

Once done go trough step 1 to 5 os the solution below.

See installing JAVA for more details


(This document was created, as the current java was 8.0.60)




Step 1

As you first login, you will get to your system login screen

Step 2

After successfully logging in, the following windows may appear.

DO NOT CLICK ON the red button  "CHECK FOR UPDATES..."

Click on the Activate Java link above the button

Step 3

When the JAVA menu appears, select Show All

Step 4

Select "Allow and Remember" for all of the Java plugins

then click on OK

Step 5

If you get the following screen

Select the check mark then click Run

If you get this screen, there is an issue with your browser cache or our browser version

If you are using Google Chrome version 24 and up, we suggest you use FireFox as Chrome version 42 and higher will no longer supports NPAPI 

required by JAVA

If you need to download FireFox, you can download it from the link below
Firefox Download here

If you need to download JAVA

You can proceed to the java download page
JAVA download page here

Installing JAVA

Once you have downloaded JAVA click on start

 When the JAVA install is done,
we suggest you verify the installed JAVA version using the JAVA website link to do so:

When you are certain of the java version you are running
You must copy the the Unlimited Strength Policy files inside the security folder of your JAVA version.
Although this can be done manually,  we suggest you use the unlimited straighten installer utility

The installer usually work on standard installs, as long as you have proper wrights to copy and overwrite files in the java folder.
If you are unable to get the Unlimited strength to install, please consult your IT administrator in order to get proper credentials.

The updater will also delete the JAVA cache files wbapplet to ensure the modules will be downloaded again from the JACE ( JENE) controller.
Please take note this will increase the login time the first time you logon to the controller

You can leave older version of java, or select uninstall

Most of the time, it is better to remove older version to prevent any confusion

Verify your Java version

This will tell you the version that is currently running

verify JAva version installed

Click on Allow and Remember

Once the test is completed, you should see the following message

Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 8 Download

If you already have installed JAVA on your PC, you will need to setup the Unlimited strength policy for your browser to work with Niagara AX

 Please go to the JAVA Unlimited strength policy updater to update the Jurisdiction policy

Direct link



Java 8 Unlimited Strength updater

Verify your Java version in this document