Date: December 20, 2006

Product: Niagara AX Revisions: 3.0.99, 3.1.29

If a 3.0 Workbench is used to connect to the platform of a JACE that has been factory commissioned or upgraded with version 3.1, the user will get an error message similar to “Illegal name “york-etfs xxxx or james-etfs xxxx for a (JACE- 403 or JACE-545) or “Illegal name “npm2xx-etfs

xxxx” (for a JACE-201).

In order to connect to the platform of these JACEs you need to have Niagara AX version 3.1.29 or later installed on your workstation. As of Decm 2006 all new JACE-2s are shipped commissioned as 3.1. If, while attempting to connect to the platform of a JACE controller with 3.0 Probuilder (Workbench), you receive an error message of “Illegal name”, you should exit 3.0 Workbench and start 3.1 Workbench to manage the target platform



In the process of upgrading a 3.0 JACE to 3.1 using a 3.1 Workbench, the station fails due to an invalid license.

In order to complete an upgrade to 3.1, itis necessary to obtain a 3.1 license. 

Upgrades may be obtained through the supplier of your Niagara AX system.

In most cases, a software maintenance fee will apply.

Careful consideration should be taken to assure that you have a new license to install on the JACE before upgrading.

Once the JACE has been upgraded it cannot be downgraded to 3.0 in the field.

If a new 3.1 license has not been installed, the JACE will be inoperable until the new 3.1 license is obtained and installed. 


Carefully note memory available on the JACE you are upgrading, as there might be a limitation of available memory that will prevent the use of the device when upgraded. The controller can host the new OS but there will be no space left to do anything