Downgrading from one software release to an earlier release can present compatibility problems.

This applies particularly to QNX-based JENE prior to version 3.5 as there are changed in the file structures, as binaries for the (QNX) OS are included in dist files. in some cases , it might be required to install an older release onto a JENE, or to restore a non functioning JENE to a known good state.

To downgrade a JENE, it needs to me “wipe it clean" in order to start over. In order to do this, a clean distribution file must first be installed.

The following procedure is also detailed in the Niagara AX Platform Guide included with the Probuilder software.

Installing a clean dist will wipe the file system and install the appropriate version of Niagara platform daemon, resetting the unit to a “near factory state.”

Only the following settings will be preserved:

• TCP/IP settings
• license files

Any other data is removed from the file system, including station bog files, Px files, modules, etc.

In addition, a clean dist restores the factory-default platform credentials and port (3011). Therefore before installing a clean dist file, make sure to backup station files plus any other modules on the JENE you wish to keep.

Remember, that a “Station Backup” creates a dist file that (when restored) includes the same level of software installed at backup time, so instead of (or in addition to) this type of backup, you may wish to use the Station Copier.

Note that after installing a clean dist, you must recommission the JENE, using the Probuilder.

To downgrade a JENE from any AX 3.x build to an earlier release:

Step 1:

Before installing a clean dist file, make sure you have backed up the station files plus any other data and modules on the JENE you wish to keep.

Step 2:

Start Probuilder ( Workbench) and open a platform connection to the JENE.

Step 3:

Open the Distribution File Installer and click Cleaning button for the cleanDist folder.

Step 4:

Select the appropriate clean dist file for the platform and install. The file system can take a few minutes, after it is completed, the JENE will automatically reboot. Wait for the reboot to complete.

Note: After reboot from a clean dist install, the JENE will be using default platform credentials and port (3011).

Step 5:

Re-install the software versions to the JENE.

Use the same version of Probuilder (Workbench) as the software versions running in the JENE. Use the platform Commissioning Wizard to install the software build required.

For more details, refer to the section “About the Commissioning Wizard” in the JACE NiagaraAX Install and Startup Guide.


To find the exact image needed for a JACE 2/4/5 execute the following while connected with the serial shell.

1. Type sh to exit the menu system

2. At the #, type: cat sys/info/fs

This will return the file system type of etfs512 or etfs2048.