You can add a special event in a Niagara AX schedule to override the normal schedule for a date or group of dates.

Open the page where the schedule is

In the schedule tab, select the "special event"

Click on Add

A new ADD window will pop up

You should give the event a name in the name field

Then select , from the drop box, the type like "Date" for a single day event, or "Date Range" if the event will repeat itself for more than one day


Once the dates are defined, you can add the time of the event

( it must be the same for all dates, otherwise, you need to create separate event dates)

You can click and drag the mouse over the time schedule to create events.

Once the event is created, click on the green or blue event, and fine tune the time in the Start and Finish fields

Also select the event output type like occupied or unoccupied , on off etc. (depending on your type of schedule you have)

If an event starts before midnight and stops in the morning of the next day,

don't forget to add an extra day, as the event will complete in the morning of the next day.

In the example above, the light are ON from 9PM until midnight , and will continue from 12AM to 5 AM in the next day ( morning )